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Would you like to convert your existing design into a website? That’s not a problem for us at all. Just submit your design and we will do the rest. Firstly, our team will check the quality of your design as it needs to pass our quality control checks. If we need to amend it, we will run it past you first so that you are happy with the end result.  We will also make sure that the website will meet all the industry standards and it will be compatible with your chosen browsers. As per our company policy, all your designs and files will be handled in a professional manner at the highest possible security level.

Website development

Remember that your website represents an immense opportunity to showcase your business/services as this is the first thing that a visitor or customer will see.


Our web designers and developers delve wholeheartedly into working on high quality websites where they always strive and succeed to meet even the tightest of deadlines. Care and attention to the smallest detail is guaranteed and they will make sure that you will get exactly what you imagined to the letter.

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CoderDog’s main focus is on websites and e-commerce platforms development by using bespoke, Magento or Wordpress CMS engines.


Our coders provide the highest standard of service regardless of the size of the project. Their experience and knowledge is a guarantee for a quick and efficient response to any of your requests. Whatever you have in mind, don’t be shy, just let us know - we can build everything from the ground up.


The coders love to be challenged, so don’t let them down!

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Why start-ups? We strongly believe that start-ups are the core innovators of the global economy. We support entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and age groups, helping them create products that will change people’s lives.


CoderDog backs innovative and disruptive businesses, allowing entrepreneurs to create their first successful website or mobile application. Providing value is what we do best.


Think of CoderDog as the engine of your next venture, you already have the vision and a business plan: We help you deliver a high quality product to your customers. Be prepared to push your digital counterpart to the next level.


CoderDog combines passion, quality, a very competitive pricing model and experience that will help your idea succeed. If you think you could be the next big thing, your journey starts here.



Leadership team


A person who translates your information and wishes into code.

(computing) A programmer.


The dog, more than any other animal, can understand and communicate with humans.

(slang) Your friend.

CoderDog offers you the best of both worlds.


• A technical team that speaks your language

• An external resource that feels like it’s an extension of your team

• Project management based in London and the cost-savings of a skilled development team in Serbia

Our programming team is led by Daniel in Serbia. Our London office is led by Zoltan.

It’s a tight-knit team. Daniel and Zoltan have worked together for over 17 years. We offer our Western European clients an incredibly cost-effective and highly-skilled Eastern European team of experts.

And nothing gets lost in translation.

We project manage everything from the UK. And we’re always on hand to chat through how things are going.

Give us a shout if you would like to meet up.

  • Zoltan Vass

    Zoltan Vass

    Co-founder and CEO 

    Loves his family and friends, all kind of sports and especially MMA, Porsche cars, Pljeskavica, Stella Artois and Jelen Pivo, the Highlands in Scotland and Hector, a German Shepherd who is looking after his family members and guarding the house.

    Zoltan is a target orientated and customer focused IT engineer with excellent interpersonal and client facing skills, and extensive experience in project control, analysis, design, consultancy, support and team leading.

    He has 14 years experience in face to face customer service, with the ability to pay close attention to details and individual needs.

    Aim high and don't limit yourself.

  • Daniel Erdudac

    Daniel Erdudac

    Co-founder and CTO 

    Loves his dog, programming, Hollywood, Thai food, travelling, and archery. He might be the only person in the world who doesn’t like beer, but coffee is his life.

    Daniel got his first computer when he was 9 years old and he decided straight away that he wanted to become a programmer and developer. He is communicative, creative, meticulous and a skilled software engineer.

    With his 15+ years of experience in software programming and developing, Daniel leads the software development team.

    I didn't know that it was impossible, so i have done it.

  • Hector



    Hector is not a coder. But he is a dog.

    Our Chief Security Officer likes long walks, Pedigree Pal and he laps up bowlfuls of pure water when the summer temperature hits 39 °C in Backa Topola.

    A gifted puppy, Hector started to “speak” and make himself heard at just two months. We could tell he was going to be destined for something great. Today he is fluent in Doglish, Dogarian and Dogerbian. But he does tend to intersperse these with unintelligible barks.

    Hector commands respect and, in public at least, he acts with the greatest dignity. He can think quickly and make rapid decisions. He certainly often leaves us still scratching our heads!

    Vow-vow-vau vau-vau-vow-vau

    (Translation: A smile is a curve that can straighten up anything)

Get in touch...

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns and we will be happy to help and assist you throughout the design/development process. Our goal is to help you realize your dreams through your website.

Dial the following number +44 7 57 008 7557 to call us or if you prefer, e-mail us at success@coderdog.com. Letters by post or pigeon can come to 48 Messina Avenue, NW6 4LD, London, UK!

We meet with clients by appointment only. Appointments must be scheduled in advance. Please call or email our office for a suitable date.

If you need a free personal or telephone consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Tel: + 44 203 637 0889
Mob: + 44 757 008 7557
Skype: coderdog
E-mail: success@coderdog.com
Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm